Setting the world of recruiting to rights

Episode 1 – Recruiters

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Setting the world of recruiting to rights

EPISODE 1 – Recruiters

As mentioned last week, this series is aimed at helping all parties in the recruitment process get better at achieving the right result. Episodes 2 and 3 will address candidates and clients, maybe delivering some unpopular truths, so let’s start with the one that will receive a warmer response…

What do Recruiters need to do differently? Well, where to start? How do you narrow down such an expansive litany of issues?

  1. Set the correct expectation, then meet it. The biggest complaint I hear about Recruiters is that they over-promise and under-deliver. Don’t be afraid to have the difficult conversation, manage expectations. If you don’t think something can be done, be up front about it and consult. We are Recruitment Consultants after all!

  2. Know your market. We are a professional services industry. We should take pride in being market experts and being able to cogently show that market knowledge. Can you imagine a lawyer or public accountant not knowing their market? Research it. Learn it. Show knowledge to attain loyalty.

  3. Give feedback. You are the arbiter of outcomes, the broker of agreements. Recruiters sell opportunities to people, build their interest, get them excited. Then you never go back to them with the outcome. How rude. It amazes me how often I get a really heartfelt “Thank you for coming back to me on this” from candidates. Why is this so heartfelt? Because my competitors aren’t doing it.

  4. Value your candidates. Talent is a scarce resource. Recruiters work really hard to make contact, build rapport, garner interest from the best people. Then you callously cast them aside when they are no longer deemed useful. No other industry treats such a crucial part of their supply chain so shoddily. Stay in touch. Add value. Be respectful.

  5. Take pride in doing things right. We always know whether the approach or action we are taking is the right thing. How often do you cut corners to expedite a result? Email bad news rather than call because it’s quicker? No. Create the impression someone is right for a job they’ve applied for rather than deliver bad news? No. Leave a feedback call until tomorrow when the candidate is waiting on news? No. Do the right thing over the easy thing, every time.

I could go on. Recruitment is an industry I am genuinely passionate about and one that is so often done poorly.

If you are a Recruiter with the right values, who wants to develop their skills and work amongst like-minded recruitment professionals, get in touch at

Setting the world of recruiting to rights
Date: 03 April 2019
Author: Adrian O'Connor
Tags: Recruiters, Tips, Advice