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Global Accounting Network
Global Accounting Network

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We will contact you within one working day to chat about the job description and the unique needs of your business.

Client Promise

Our 8-point Promise ensures that all levels of service are maintained, each project is structured properly and that there are clear lines of communication throughout every phase.

Smart ways to ensure a perfect fit

We have different methods of delivery to suit your business needs and goals. In addition to retained and contingent search and assessment days, we also offer working interviews and visits to knowledge partners. These services allow you to assess the on-the-job performance of candidates before you commit.

To take the pain of hiring away, we run regular assessment days at our offices, or any location that’s convenient for you and your candidates
We arrange one-day working interviews so you can assess whether a potential employee will be able to achieve deliverables from day one
If you want to explore your options for a particular challenge, we can set up a two-hour, three-way brainstorming session with an expert and one of our consultants. We will then discuss your needs and see how we can meet them.